Creating and Managing Payers

Creating Payers

Payers (C2) are entities that want to pay bills on your platform. They can be individuals or businesses.

Payers can be created in the dashboard or with the create entity endpoint.

Creating the Payer Entity

Using the create entity endpoint, create a new entity, and make sure the following are set

2 isPayee: false // This marks the entity as unable to receive funds
3 isPayor: true // This marks the entity as able to pay funds
4 isCustomer: true // This indicated that you have a direct relationship with this entity (aka, they are your customer)

Capturing Payer Details

If you don’t have the payers’s details, Mercoa can capture them for you automatically using the react compoent or embed. When generating the token, make sure to set enableMercoaPayments to true.

You can also use the generate onboarding link endpoint to create a direct link that the payer can use to provide their details. This link will be valid for 24 hours. You can also use the send onboarding email endpoint to send the link to the payer via email. This link will be valid for 7 days, and will be emailed to the entity email.

You can configure what details are required for the vendor using the dashboard or api.