API Reference

Businesses are comprised of individuals. Mercoa refers to these individuals as “Entity Users”. Entity Users are the individuals that log into your platform to manage their business.

There may be many users associated with a single business, and each user may have different permissions, roles, and responsibilities.

Users enable you to use many advanced Mercoa features, such as approval policies and notifications.

Creating Entity Users

You can create an entity user on the Mercoa Admin UI or via API.

Users have the following properties:

2 "foreignId": "123", // Your internal ID for this user
3 "email": "", // Email address for the user (used for notifications)
4 "name": "Bob Smith", // Name of the user
5 "roles": ["admin", "payer"] // Roles for the user

Entity User Roles

We know that your internal systems may have different roles for users. Mercoa takes an unopinionated approach to roles, and allows you to define your own roles. In Mercoa, roles are simply strings. You can define any roles you want, and assign them to users.

Roles are case sensitive. admin is not the same as Admin.